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How to Improve your Weak Foot in 5 Easy Steps (At Any Age)

5 Easy Steps - How to Improve your weaker foot in football

One of the biggest mistakes coaches make when training young players is not empathizing on training both feet at the same time. That’s why you are here. Your foot is weak because nobody empathized on the importance of training it.

In this guide, we cover 5 easy steps (plus a bonus tip) that will improve your weak foot in the shortest time frame possible (provided you are consistent) so that instead of it being a “weaker foot,” it can be a foot that you can use effectively in a match.

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Don’t Start to Improve Your Weak Foot at a Football Pitch (At First)

When starting out working on improving your weak foot, it’s best to go “street-mode” rather than going to a football pitch.

Improving your weak shots by taking shots at a goalkeeper or an empty goal? It’s just going to be a waste of time.

If you want to improve your weak foot, start by going to a wall. Any wall will do, and while doing so might not be the healthiest for your ball, it’s the quickest way to start improving your weak foot. Ultimately improving your weak foot goes down to repetition, and by kicking the ball at the wall, you are consistently getting the ball back, which allows for more repetitions.

If you go to a wall every day and spend just 20 minutes of your day working on improving your weak foot, you will improve drastically in the space of a month. And as you are improving, you can start incorporating training on the pitch, ideally consisting of passing with a friend, so that you can work on the accuracy of your passes that should now be far better.

Remember though. Consistency is the key. Whether you spend 20 minutes or 2 hours training on improving your weak foot, you need to do it daily. Otherwise, you won’t notice progress.

Play With Kids by Using Only Your Weaker Foot

This might sound like a crazy idea, but it makes a lot of sense, and not just for you.

  1. Kids living around you will be happy that an adult or teen is playing with them.
  2. Your weak foot movement with the ball will improve.
  3. Your weak foot shots and passes will improve.
  4. They might offer you some sweets after the game. (BONUS!)

Kicking the ball at the wall with your weak foot is the first out of the 5 steps that will improve your weaker foot, but kicking the ball at the wall won’t improve your ball handling nor will it build a habit of using your weaker foot during a match.

By playing with children by only using your weaker foot, you are building a habit of using that foot in a way that you would in a proper match, while also improving ball handling overall which is a very important aspect to look at. Individual training won’t accomplish all of that.

Don’t want to play with kids? You can always otherwise organize a weak foot only match with your friends.

This post is for all ages, and if you are reading this as someone that’s not a teenager, ask your parents to help you training your weaker foot. Otherwise, when playing just with your friends rather than on a team, ask your friends if you can do segments where you only play with your weaker foot.

Have a Ball With You at Home

The reason behind why your “better” foot is currently better goes down to the already mentioned repetition. You spent thousands of hours practicing handling the ball, passing and taking shots with your better foot.

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If you want to improve your weak foot, you need to get as much repetition as possible if you want to improve as quickly as possible. And that means dribbling a ball whenever moving at home, whether it’s a tennis ball or a proper ball. You can even practice while sitting by passing from your left foot to your right foot. And that’s whether you are at home or in an office.

Of course, if you are in school, that might not be as practical to do, but nevertheless, repetition is the key if you want to improve your weak foot. You have spent thousands of hours working on your better foot. You need to do the same with your weaker foot now, whenever possible. That’s how you improve your weak foot as quickly as possible.

Train Your Foot

Your weaker foot is years behind in every single aspect. Not only does it lack strength, but it also lacks flexibility and explosiveness. Even if you do everything else in this guide, without working on these 3 aspects in the gym or when exercising at home, you will have issues replicating certain moves that you can do easily with your better foot.

Improve your weak foot football best football tracking system

Next time you are in the gym, ask the trainer if he/she can help you with that, otherwise, do some searches on Google.

Look at Your Technique

All of the 4 steps we mentioned so far are essential if you want to improve your weak foot. That’s because there are many angles that make a foot great. The last vital aspect to train, to improve your weak foot? Your technique.

Piotr Zielinski from Napoli is a great example to give here. If you look at how he shoots or passes with his left or right foot, you won’t notice the difference. That’s because he has been training both feet since young, and actually often takes more shots with his “weaker foot.”

If you haven’t trained your weak foot from the beginning, your step up to take a shot or pass will be significantly different to that of your better foot. And that will have a huge difference in your weak foot performance on the pitch.

I’ve scored beautiful goals with my weaker foot in the past when I wasn’t even able to kick the ball with my weaker foot. It was because I accidentally hit the ball right. If you can hit the ball right every single time, even without as much power on your weaker foot, it will make a huge difference.

Improve your weak foot football best football tracking system

What can you do to improve your technique? It starts with knowing what you are doing wrong.

  1. Take pictures of how you take shots with both feet or record videos of it.
  2. Analyze what you do differently.
  3. Work on kicking the ball as you do with your right foot.

Be patient, though. Improving your technique just like everything else mentioned in this guide will take a lot of time, but if you work on it every day, you will start to see a huge improvement after around a month of work, if not earlier.


We often give up because we don’t see any result results. We don’t see our technique improving, nor do we see our power and touches improving. After all, it’s very hard to see minimal daily results.

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With Xampion you will be able to tell when you are improving or if you are stuck in place, based on that you can implement changes or otherwise keep going knowing that you are using the ball with your weaker foot.

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Improve your weak foot football best football tracking system

How to Improve your Weak Foot in 5 Easy Steps

These 5 steps, they will help you improve your weak foot at any age. We said they are easy. And that’s because they are. There’s no heavy cardio involved in these steps. The issue? Consistency.

Ultimately it goes down to patience, and we all often fail to be patient when we don’t see results.

Keep going no matter what, until you do see results, and when you do, keep going. Except, it will be a lot easier at that point.

“Don’t fear the person that kicks the ball 1000 times once. Fear the person that kicks the ball once, every day.”

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