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Xampion is a revolutionary football tracking system for players who wants to boost their development. Know your game inside out, train smarter, track your development and become a Champion. Read more.

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Xampion tracks your movement and ball contacts while you’re playing. Get rock-solid data to back up your gut feeling about your performances and progress.

Contact Point
Contact point
Distance covered
Distance covered
Strike speed
Strike speed
Contact count
Contact count

See how it works

Xampion sensors are worn inside special Xampion insoles and track every run and ball contact you make during the game or training session. Everything works automatically and using Xampion will not distract you while playing.

What Xampion users say

"When playing, I can hardly notice the sensors. I like that the insoles provide support under the arch like my old custom insoles did.”

Oskari Jakonen, Winger, FC TPS

"I want to use it all the time when playing,
I will pay a part of it with my own savings!”

A future star, 11 years old, after trying Xampion at #XampionTour in Vaasa

“Xampion is totally different compared to any other system I have ever used and it’s capable of measuring things that other systems can’t. Xampion focuses on developing the player’s footballing abilities while other systems focus on measuring physical attributes.

I truly believe every football player out there can benefit from the data and it will help them improve and maximize their potential.”

Jere Uronen, KRC Genk, Finnish National Team

“I have never before had the chance to get this kind of information out of my performances. Each ball contact is recorded with details of power, contact point and contact type. There’s also plenty of information about my movements."

Oskari Jakonen, Winger, FC TPS

"I have been using the Xampion insoles and sensors for a while now in my team practices and during games. I have been very satisfied with the easy-to-use insoles and the wide-ranging data they collect. Transferring the data to my phone and examining it with the app has been easy."

Viljami Aittokoski, Finland U17, Midfielder
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Xampion is a system for any footballer who wants to improve their skills and want to become a better player.

Xampion provides unbiased information that allows you to analyse your personal skills and progress and to train smarter.

How much did I run during a match? How many sprints did I complete? How much time did I spend in my personal high-tempo area? What is my top sprint speed and is it higher than 3 months ago?

Xampion provides all this information and much more about your movements in matches and trainings. Compare your current and past performances and get confirmation for your progress.

How many times did I touch the ball during a match? How many of the contacts were passes, strikes, ball controls and lighter snaps? Which foot did I use more? Which part of my foot did I use most when kicking the ball? What is my maximum strike speed?

With Xampion, you get amazingly accurate information about your ball contacts. This information will help you to focus on the right things in training and to develop your skills.

Am I faster than two months ago? Am I running more during a game? Do I average more ball contacts during a match than I used to? Am I using my weaker foot more? Can I strike the ball harder? Am I making more sprints and spending more time in my personal high-tempo area?

Xampion answers all these questions that would otherwise be up to your gut feeling. Following your progress over time can have a huge impact on your motivation. By getting an overview of your performances on the long run, you will know all about your strengths and the things you should focus on next in training.

High-prescision football data wirelessly to your smartphone

Xampion Sensors record the data. Xampion App analyses it for you. When training is over, just flick on your Xampion App and see how you did on the pitch.


Xampion provides an amazing toolbox for the coaches. Xampion Coach platform connects all the players in a team and allows the coach to analyse all their data at once.

Xampion Coach Platform

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We are an ambitious and versatile team of entrepreneurs, tech experts and professional athletes, past and present. We all share a desire to create something that will change the way people think about training and developing themselves in the sports that they love. And we know how to do it.

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