Los sensores Xampion son la mejor forma de realizar un seguimiento del rendimiento de los jugadores. Realiza un seguimiento de tu partido en la aplicación Xampion para mejorar tus habilidades.¡demuéstralas!

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XAMPION est. 2016

Xampion introduced original football sensor in 2016 that was specifically created for football players. The goal of Xampion is to help players train smarter and play better.

We’re thrilled to announce that football players using Xampion sensor have recorded kicking the football around the world over 4 times. The Xampion Technical Team is constantly testing and improving the product. We’re ready to hit the football around the world for the 5th time, so are you “ready train smarter and play like a Champion.

El sistema altamente automatizado es muy fácil de usar y no distrae al jugador ni al entrenador durante el entrenamiento. El sistema Xampion también se puede utilizar en partidos oficiales.

Xampion Sistema de Monitoreo de Datos Futbolísticos

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Lo que dicen los usuarios de Xampion

Richard Allen Xampion Experience
Great experience with Xampion by Finn from Netherlands

Xampion is a great platform to give critical insights to high performing athletes. When performance is judged on such fine margins, Xampion allows our athletes to gain feedback on their technical and physical performance both in training and matches.

Richard Allen
RDA Coaching, England
Nigel Quashie Xampion Experience
Great experience with Xampion by Finn from Netherlands

Data analysis is playing a more and more important part in developing footballers nowadays and I wanted to let you know about a fantastic new product called Xampion that IPDA, my academy, and myself are now partnering with to help promote in the UK.

Nigel Quashie
IPDA Academy, England
Mai Xampion Experience
Great experience with Xampion by Finn from Netherlands

Mai Moncaster of Nottingham Forest Women using Xampion Sensors to monitor improvements in her performance.

Mai Moncaster
Nottingham Forest Women, England
Stanley Xampion Experience
Great experience with Xampion by Finn from Netherlands

Stanley's Father, Simon: "I bought the XAMPION Sensors as a gift for my 11 year old son. He is loving using them, it has definitely added some motivation to training during the lockdown. He generally trains three evenings a week and plays a match on a Saturday, this has obviously come to a complete stop. However we have been out four times a week for the past three weeks and it is all on the XAMPION Calendar with duration, stats and type of training. I’m sure the knowledge that it in the calendar is helping motivate us even, on the cold rainy days. 

So far this product has been good and once back to organised team training and matches, I think the stats will start making very interesting reading. The calendar on the app has been a really good motivator while our team and academy set training days have been so badly compromised with the Covid 19 lockdown."

Stanley Kingdom, 11 Year,
Lakeside Athletic FC, Plymouth, England
Ada Xampion Experience
Xampion Experiences Girl Football Ada

"I have been using Xampion since December 2018. Xampion system has helped me develop ball handling with both legs, which is getting increasingly more important for me and all goalkeepers.

With Xampion all players get valuable knowledge about the development of their ball handling and movement.

I can strongly recommend Xampion for all players and goalkeepers alike!

Ada Liljeström 15 YEARS, goalkeeper in U15-U18 KaaPo/TPS TEAMS
Alvin Udd Xampion Experiences
Experiences Xampion Football Tracking System

"Xampion helps me understand how I did in training or in a game. I’m most curious about how much I run, how long I practice and how many ball contacts I had.

Best about Xampion app is that is shows me how well I actually did in a game or training. For example, when I play left field, I can see right after the game how well I played. This is very important for football coaches too. "

Alvin Udd, 10 years
Xampion experience Ville Laukka
I want only the best for my players

"Xampion is one of the ways I can develop my practises and drills by verifying details with data and not just by visual observation."

Ville Laukka, Head Coach, TPS P10
Jere Uronen, Maximize your potential

“Xampion is totally different compared to any other system I have ever used and it’s capable of measuring things that other systems can’t. Xampion focuses on developing the player’s footballing abilities while other systems focus on measuring physical attributes.

I truly believe every football player out there can benefit from the data and it will help them improve and maximize their potential.”

Jere Uronen, KRC Genk, Finnish National Team
Future start, 11 years olf

"I want to use it all the time when playing,
I will pay a part of it with my own savings!”

A future star, 11 years old, after trying Xampion at #XampionTour in Vaasa
Jyrki Lehtinen, Xampion experiences
From gut feeling to facts

"Immediately after we started using the sensors, we noticed that we received answers to a number of questions we had not actually been able to ask before.

The most important thing, however, was the transformation of so-called-facts and “gut feeling” into clear numbers."

Viljami Aittokoski

"I have been using the Xampion insoles and sensors for a while now in my team practices and during games. I have been very satisfied with the easy-to-use insoles and the wide-ranging data they collect. Transferring the data to my phone and examining it with the app has been easy."

Viljami Aittokoski, Finland U17, Midfielder
Oskari Jakonen, focus on the game

“I have never before had the chance to get this kind of information out of my performances. Each ball contact is recorded with details of power, contact point and contact type. There’s also plenty of information about my movements.

When playing, I can hardly notice the sensors. I like that the insoles provide support under the arch like my old custom insoles did.”

Oskari Jakonen, Winger, FC TPS
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