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Long Words for Agreement

When it comes to writing, every word counts, and sometimes, using long words can add a little more punch and finesse to your writing. One area where you can use long words effectively is in expressing agreement. Here are some long words that you can use to express agreement in your writing.

1. Concurrence

Concurrence is one of the long words you can use to express agreement, meaning agreement in opinion or sentiment. In other words, it is when two or more people share the same view or belief on a matter.

Example: There is a concurrence among the panel of judges that the performance of the artist was outstanding.

2. Consensus

Consensus is when a group of people come to an agreement through discussion and negotiation. It is a long word that`s often used in situations where a compromise is reached.

Example: The committee reached a consensus on the new policy after a heated discussion.

3. Accordance

Accordance is another long word for agreement, which refers to something that is in harmony with something else. It is often used to convey that two things are in agreement with each other.

Example: The results of the study were in accordance with the hypothesis.

4. Consonance

Consonance is another long word for agreement that can be used in the context of music and poetry. It refers to the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning or end of words in close proximity to each other.

Example: The consonance of the poem added to its melodic quality, making it more enjoyable to read.

5. Assent

Assent is another long word for agreement that means to agree to something, usually by giving consent or approval.

Example: The board gave their assent to the new proposal, marking a significant milestone for the company.

In conclusion, using long words to express agreement in your writing can make your writing more sophisticated and elegant. However, it is crucial to ensure that the words used fit naturally and appropriately in the context of your writing. Always aim to use words that enhance your writing and not words that are inserted just for the sake of it.