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FC Inter introduces Xampion as their newest tool for youth development

FC Inter adopts Xampion technology to improve football youth development.

FC Inter Turku is an ambitious Finnish top-flight club and one of the most notable youth developers around. Inter coaches and management are constantly looking for new methods and technologies to help players maximize their potential.

As FC Inter’s latest addition to their player development toolkit, they have added Xampion motion sensors. Here’s Vesa Mäki’s, the club’s Technical Director’s, comments about why they opted for Xampion:

In our training guidelines, one of our most important goals is to improve different individual physical performances inside the game. We are talking about explosiveness in movement and how to keep performing on a high level throughout the game. Xampion is the perfect tool for getting data from these performances and following the development of players over time.

Also, the touch analytics provided by Xampion is a great tool for especially younger players. The players themselves and coaches now have access to very useful and concrete data about their ball contacts and for example the use of the left and right foot.

In the first phase, FC Inter will start using the sensors in their youth teams of players born in 2003-2005.

With the new technology, we are seeking to get a closer look at football physics at an individual level. The product is top-notch technology from Finland and has attracted a lot of interest from around the world on a club and football association level. We are happy to be among the first to adopt this technology, says Kalle Parviainen, the Coaching Manager of youth teams under age 15 at FC Inter.

We at Xampion are proud to announce our new partnership with FC Inter and are eager to learn more about their experiences with our new sensor technology.


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