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Developing Junior Football, Part 3: How to utilize football tracking data in coaching?

How to utilize football tracking data in coaching

To complement the Xampion player application, Xampion has developed the ultimate analytics tool for the coach. The Xampion Coach platform collects all the movement and ball contact data from the whole team for the coach to analyse. While players get all their data to their mobile app, the coach application is accessible through a web […]

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FC Inter introduces Xampion as their newest tool for youth development

FC Inter adopts Xampion technology to improve football youth development.

FC Inter Turku is an ambitious Finnish top-flight club and one of the most notable youth developers around. Inter coaches and management are constantly looking for new methods and technologies to help players maximize their potential. As FC Inter’s latest addition to their player development toolkit, they have added Xampion motion sensors. Here’s Vesa Mäki’s, […]

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Better football coaching with accurate motion sensor data

Better football coaching with Xampion Sensor Technology

A seasoned football coach, such as myself, knows it is very hard to get indisputable facts from football training. Most times, we coaches think, hope or assume things during training sessions. A sports technology solution, such as Xampion sensors, can make the difference between thinking and knowing, assuming and facts. Technology and data gives coaches […]

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The Story of Team Xampion

Xampion Wearable Sports Tech for Future Champions

It all started one dark evening by the side of a football field somewhere in South-West Finland. A father was watching his son playing football with his team. The father started thinking how the most popular sport in the world has stayed pretty much the same since the beginning of the sport’s long history. While […]