Welcome to #XampionTour!

Test our wearable football technology for FREE during the first ever tour in Finland and Sweden!

Test out our latest wearable sensors for FREE during #XampionTour!

Stadi Cup / Helsinki 7.-9.6.

Aura Cup / Turku 28.6.-1.7.

Örebro Cupen / Sweden 29.6.-1.7.

U19EURO / Vaasa / Seinäjoki 16.-29.7.

Find your inner Xampion!

Step 1

You can try our newest football sensor insoles for free during #XampionTour.
If you want to try our product out during a match, book your test time NOW by sending mail to sales@xampion.com

In Stadi Cup and U19EURO we will build up a test track, where you can try out our product. Walk-ins welcome!

Step 2

After trying out the insoles, return to our tent and check out your stats. We can see for example how much you ran, how fast your shot was and which is your dominating leg. We can give you tips on how to improve your performance. And it’s all free!

Vaasa, Seinäjoki

UEFA European Championships for U19-boys will be played in Finland this summer.
Learn more: U19EURO.fi

Xampion Test Center will be located at the Market Square of Vaasa, Alatori 65100 Vaasa. We are there with Telia on Sunday 22.7. from 12-17 and Monday 23.7. from 12-17.


Find us @U19EURO

Tour FAQ

What is #XampionTour?

During this summer we are on a quest. We will tour around Finland and Sweden in football tournaments to find the next Xampion. We want to help YOU reach your maximum potential.

The idea to organize this tour came from our customers and their requests to try out our products before purchase. Come visit us at our Xampion Test Center. In our tent you can test our products for free, chat with us on how you could improve your skills and more. We have a reasonable, but limited amount of test kits, so if you wish to try them out during a tournament match, reserve your test time by sending us mail to sales@xampion.com

Where are you and when?

We have our Xampion Test Centers in the following tournaments:
Stadi Cup, Helsinki 7.-9.6.
Aura Cup, Turku 28.6.-1.7.
Örebro Cupen, Sweden 29.6.-1.7.
U19EURO, Vaasa/Seinäjoki 16.-29.7.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @Xampion.io and Twitter @XampionFI and @Xampion.io. We will post our location and up-to-date opening hours there!

What can I do at Xampion Test Center?

We want to give everyone a chance to try out newest sensor insoles for free. We want to make our wearable sports tech the best in the world and we want to hear from you what we could do better!

  1. Reserve your test time by emailing us OR come to visit us at one (of many!) of our Xampion Test Centers. If you wish to try out the sensors during a tournament match, email us right now sales@xampion.com
  2. Pick up your test kit from our Test Center
  3. Try Xampion sensors during a match in the tournament or the test track in Stadi Cup and U19EURO
  4. Come back to our test center and have a look at your recorded football data
  5. Pass the kit on for the next Xampion to try!
  6. If you like it, Xampion products are sold in the tour tent
  7. Share your thoughts and story using #XampionTour and join the journey @Xampion.io

Can I book my test time online?


If you want to try our sensors during a tournament match, send us an email to sales@xampion.fi

You can also just come to see us and try our products on the spot!

We have a reasonable, but limited amount of test kits available. We want to make your experience as smooth as possible. If all the sensors are at use, just come by later. We will be there!

When are Xampion Test Centers open during the tour?

The operating hours vary per tour location, but we will be there for you.

We will post the latest schedules and opening hours in our social media pages. So check out our Instagram and Facebook @Xampion.io and Twitter @XampionFI and @Xampion.io. and drop by!

Is it free?

Yes! During the tour we offer individuals visiting our Xampion Test Centers a chance to try out our latest wearable sports tech and the app free of charge.

Send a test time reservation request now to sales@xampion.com

Is there a test track? How do I try out your products?

In Stadi Cup and U19EURO we have partnered up with Telia to build a test track for players and individuals.

In other tour spots we might not have our own test track, but you can come to pick up your test kit from us and try it out in the football fields.

Remember to book you test time in advance sales@xampion.com

Can I take pictures or videos of the product or when I am trying it?

Of course! Feel free to take pictures and videos of your own test round.
We would love to see you too, feel free to use our hashtag #XampionTour in your post.

Can I keep the products?

No. After you have tested the insoles, come back to our Test Center’s tent and see your results. After that we will give the insoles to another Xampion in the making.

Do I have to buy the product?

Nope, but you can if you want to! If you like the product after testing, you can purchase the latest model from our Xampion Test Center.

What is Xampion?

It all started one dark evening by the side of a football field somewhere in South-West Finland. A father was watching his son playing football with his team. The father started thinking how the most popular sport in the world has stayed pretty much the same since the beginning of the sport’s long history. While technology has touched pretty much everything during the past decade, football is still being played and trained just like it used to.

The father thought there must be a lot of things technology could do to improve the way players train and attempt to improve their skills. The father was Tero Suominen and after two years of intense product development he launched a wearable football analytics product to help every football player get better. Xampion was born.

Today, Xampion is a team of full-time employees and committed shareholders with a market ready product. The team comes from a versatile background and consists of entrepreneurs, tech experts and professional athletes, past and present. They all share a desire to create something that will change the way people think about training and developing themselves in the sports that they love. And now we have a product which we know can do this.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

Don’t worry, we are here for you.

If you wish to book a test time to one of our tour locations, send us an email to sales@xampion.com

If you want to know more about Xampion’s products, visit our Support-page.

If you are a member of Press or Media or you have questions about our website or social media, you can contact karoliina.kauhanen@xampion.com or sami.haltia@xampion.com

You may also contact us through our Contact Us-page. Feel free to contact us at any time !

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Show everyone your talent at #XampionTour

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