Xampion® App and Xampion Sensors are compatible with smartphones & tablets with the following specifications for mobile operating systems and connectivity:

• iOS 9 and newer
• Android 5.0 and newer
• BLE 4.0 and newer (Bluetooth)


Highly durable, shock-proof and water resistant casing
• Use temperature range: -10 ̊C – +40 ̊C
• Sensor powers up automatically from motion, turns off when still
• Weight: 11 grams
• Dimensions: 4–6,5 mm x 27 mm x 47 mm
• Built-in 100 mAh battery with 15–20 hours active battery life
• Built-in memory for storing at least 20 hours of active football data
• Bluetooth connectivity
• MicroUSB port for charging


Xampionセンサーは、フル充電で15-20時間有効利用できる内蔵バッテリーを搭載しています。 センサーが接続されていれば、Xampionアプリで充電レベルを確認する事ができます。 バッテリー充電時には、アプリの充電レベル指標の隣に上向きの矢印が表示されます。 充電ケーブル接続時は、センサーの充電ポートに充電を妨げる可能性のある泥やその他ゴミが付着していない事を確認して、アプリで充電レベルが表示されている事をチェックしてください。

  • You will need to charge the Xampion sensor before use. Do not use damaged cables or chargers, or charging when moisture is present, can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the Xampion or other property.
    Avoid charging the Xampion in direct sunlight or in ambient temperatures above 100°F (40°C). Only charge the Xampion sensor with any USB port compliant with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Type A standards, or a USB power adapter that has been certified with a limited power source or PS1 output per IEC 60950-1/IEC 62368-1, with output rated 5Vdc, 1A.
    Failure to use compatible charging accessories can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to the device and the accessories


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Xampion® is a registered trademark of Progda Oy / Ltd, Finland