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Xampion Football Tracking System now available in South America!

Xampion has started cooperation with Chilean Sport Technology Control. ST Control, based in Santiago, starts as a retailer of Xampion products. ST Control is based in Chile but will serve Xampion customers – teams, clubs and individual players – all over Latin America.

Xampion provides a new type of development tool for Chilean and South-American footballers

Xampion and ST Control want to help the Chilean and South American football players to up their game with new football tracking technology and comprehensive services.

According to ST Control, the use of football data in coaching and player development is just catching on in Chile even at the top level clubs of the Chilean Primera Division. This means the timing is perfect for offering modern tools and coaching services in the area.

”For ST Control, the agreement we have reached with Progda is a great achievement for which we have worked hard”, says co-founder of ST Control, Crescente Córdova Alarcón. “With this cooperation we will be able to bring the technology of the Xampion products to South America and we are convinced that together we will be able to advice and bring the performance of the South American athletes to the maximum.”

Sami Haltia, CMO of Xampion, is excited to see the reception Xampion will receive in Latin America.

“We are delighted for our new partnership with ST Control which gives us easy access to the vast market of Latin America holding immense potential for the Xampion product. ST Control are an ambitious and capable team with a great network and they share our passion to help athletes develop their skills utilising modern smart technology. Through our partnership we can offer the footballers of the area a new product that produces unparalleled value and has a real demand. We strongly believe that ST Control is an excellent partner for opening Xampion sales to Chile and elsewhere in South and Central America.”

ST Control provides a wide range of services to footballers and other athletes to help them perform better and Xampion is a great addition to their offering. The company helps teams, coaches and individuals to analyse and understand performance with the help of Xampion among other technical systems.

If you live in South-America and you’re interested in Xampion Football Tracking System, you can now contact our official retailer Sport Technology Control directly.

The whole Xampion team welcomes ST Control to our growing network!

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