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How to enhance training effectiveness with player tracking data?

Xampion offers a tool for football coaches to analyse data collected from players. Team data can be viewed in its own coaching application, Xampion Coach. While players can use their mobile phones to process and view their individual training data, Xampion Coach is a separate browser-based coach application that is optimised for tablets (such as the iPad), and computer screens. Xampion Coach provides an opportunity for broader analysis of game data, evaluation of the effectiveness of training, and various possibilities to compare exercises in detail.

Plan, set objectives, give tips, follow self-directed training  

Dashboard view shows a data summary for quick review. When coaches set weekly training goals, Targets, colourful columns will show how close the team is in reaching their objectives. Plan, set objectives, and track progress – all this is quick and easy.

Coaches can view key details of the latest training session at a glance; from ball touches to motion analysis, and also compare them to previous sessions. Highlights shows player-specific top performances of the last ten training sessions. One excellent feature is being able to communicate directly with an individual player or the whole team, with all the modern tools and ways. Thus, coaches’ knowledge, analyses, and tips can be easily shared with a player while simultaneously viewing relevant data in the app.

Player personal practises tells coaches about the self-directed training a player has done in their own time. Latest events is a handy shortcut to view latest sessions. Users can get a more detailed analysis of each exercise by clicking the previews.

Diving deeper into practise and a single training session 

In Xampion Coach, you can compare or analyse an entire session, a singular exercises or drills with each other, and performance of a selected player in different sessions or a single exercise (for example, a 20-minute minigame) in many ways. Compare event is a single session analysis view. Compare activity is a comparison view of several sessions between different players. Compare player is an overview of individual player performance analysis across different sessions.

An excellent feature in Xampion Coach is the ability to split a whole training session into smaller parts. The length of a part can be anything, because the choice is made by highlighting the desired section of the session graph. The selected parts can be saved, renamed according to the drill in question, and compared to other drills. This will increase the understanding of the effectiveness of each drill and develop coach’s know-how.

Splitting a training session into individual exercises or drills is an important feature. This allows coaches to catch up with the player’s activity, for example, in minigames. For example, player X moved 1750 meters in a minigame and was in a high-intensity range for 25 seconds, while player Y moved 1250 meters and was in a high-intensity range for 10 seconds, coaches can derive that the exercise has affected the players differently. Player’s development in a desired skill or trait can be verified by comparing different training sessions consisting of the same exercise. When player’s high-intensity running count has increased during a month in the same 6v6 small game, the player is also likely to have made progress and developed his skills and traits.

When evaluating the effectiveness of an entire training session or an individual exercise, coach can use team’s numbers, values for a selected group of players or individual player data. Making progress is no longer based on “gut feeling” but a fact.

What exactly happened in a minigame

Xampion Coach application allows football coaches to compare the effectiveness of the exercise from several different perspectives. By carrying out the same exercise with different number of players, 4v4 and 6v6, you can compare the change in the amount of ball touches or the differences in the amount of motion and intensity. By doing the same exercise in different sized football fields (15m x 20m, second time in 20m x 30m and third time 25m x 40m) you can compare the change of the velocity in passes, variations in running time or the change in the number of sprints.

The differences are incredibly big and have a clear impact on the session and its effectiveness. For example, a change in size of the field affects passing power and high intensity movement significantly. Performances done at over 80% intensity are very important in football. Xampion tells you when those happen, in which exercise, who gets to their personal high-tempo level, and how many seconds they spend there. Coaches’ judgements can be based on real data, and no longer need to rely on “Gut feeling”. Player development benefits greatly from such data and can become more efficient.

From coach’s computer to training field

Data is now available on coaches’ computers and players’ mobile phones. How do we get things done on the field? We discussed the development of coaches’ skills above. However, helping a player develop and make progress is The Thing. Here’s one way junior coaches can use this data.

A player needs coaching tips for self-training. The reason for this is the results in Xampion, which show that 85% of the ball touches are made with a stronger foot and the weaker foot is mainly used for controlling the ball. Coach tips to a perform 300 passes with the weaker foot three times a week on the player’s own time to enhance weaker foot ball handling. The link and message are sent to the player through Xampion Coach application. How do you know if the player did the workout? Xampion Coach tells you also about completed self-exercises (Player personal practises). You can check if the player has done the training. Player trains, coach comments and gives tips. For nine weeks, three times a week, 300 passes and thus the player made 9 x 3 x 300 = 8,100 passes with the weaker foot. It is most likely that the player has developed his skills on ball handling with the weaker foot. Thus, the data gets transferred from the coach’s computer to football fields, leading to verifiable development of the player’s skills. When a player learns more, he is likely to develop, he experiences the joy of success and becomes more motivated to train – becoming a better player.

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