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How to Become a Better Sunday League Player

Become a better Sunday league player

Whether looking to become a better Sunday League player so that you can be a star in your league, play from the start, or so that you can push your career further, becoming a Sunday league player if you implement a few simple strategies while using the flaws of Sunday league itself.

Becoming a Better Sunday League Player Starts with Not Just Training with Your Team

If you apply these tips, by the end of the season, you might just be one of the best players on your team, if not the best.

Become a better Sunday league player

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Most Sunday league players only train with their team. 2 pieces of training per week + a match isn’t that much. If you add 2 training to that, you are already doing double the training of your team. That means that every week, you are making double the progress of your teammates.
  2. Team training doesn’t cover the issues you are facing. While team training can help you improve in many ways if done right, it’s doesn’t always cover the things you need to improve on. Training alone allows for that.

Practising corners with your team will help your team play better, but it won’t necessarily make you become a better Sunday league player if you don’t practice your headers or weak foot on your own if that’s being covered by your team.

The great thing about the internet is that you can find plenty of training routines that target specific aspects of football such as how to improve your weak foot, an speaking of week foot, that’s the kind of content we cover on our blog.

Training individually whether you want to become a better Sunday league player or not will help anyone become better at football overall, but will especially help in Sunday league, where the training standards aren’t the highest.

Make Your Rivals Respect You

When you look at players like Messi or Ronaldo, one thing that’s clear is that other players have far more respect to them than to others.

When it comes to Sunday league, most players don’t know who you are so you need to make them aware, right from the start. And you do that providing the right aggressive when the opponents have the ball. If you dive in from the very start and show that you mean business, you will dominate the player marking you or the player that you are marking, all day long.

Sometimes to become a better Sunday league player, you don’t need to become better. You just need to act differently.

Analyze Matches for What Is Possible

While fitness wise you might not be far away from the professionals, your behaviour on the pitch, you most likely are, and that’s because positioning isn’t deeply discussed in Sunday Leagues.

Become a better Sunday league player

If you want to become a better Sunday league player, you need to watch matches for analyzation purposes. If you are in the right position at the time, you will be able to intercept the ball from the opponents or to score a goal. Positioning is a big issue in young players trying to become professionals, but even more so in Sunday leagues, and working on it, can right away make you become a better Sunday league player.

But the key is not to forget that you are in a Sunday league where tactics need to differ a lot. That has a lot to do with the fact that you.

Sunday League Is About Using the Flaws of the League

Analysing the matches of teams on the TV will help you a lot with your positioning, but there’s also a lot of things that aren’t possible to implement because of the players you play with, the ball, or the pitch.

That’s why apart from analysing professionals, you also need to think about what is possible with your teammates, and more importantly, with the pitch you are playing on.

If you are a defender and know that a certain part of the pitch is of far worse quality, try to direct your opponents in that direction. It won’t always be enough by itself, but it will give you a major advantage.

Look After Your Lifestyle

That’s a very easy tip to give, and a very hard one to take action upon, especially as a Sunday league player.

If you are just looking to become a better Sunday League player, we aren’t going to impose strict forms of lifestyles upon you as in most cases slight lifestyle changes will be able to make a big difference.

We aren’t going to tell you that you can’t eat your favourite crisps or that you can’t have a beer. But if you do, try to track when you consume such things, while also avoiding it nearer to games, or until after games.

When you eat or drink can make a big difference in your performance, just like the type of food you consume can. Apps like MyFitnessPal let you track what you eat, and comparing that to your performance, can make you see how a certain type of food has an impact on your performance. And making changes based on that can instantly make you become a better Sunday league player.

Track Your Matches

You most likely have seen one of your favourite teams wear GPS trackers on their chest while running.

You should get a tracker too. Except, one that is designed specifically for football. Like Xampion which is a tracker in an insole, and can track football related information that standard GPS trackers can’t.

It’s hard to take action on what you can’t see. Being able to see your performance in a football match, and to link that with what you eat eating and your general lifestyle can allow to easily see the impact of your lifestyle on your game.

It can also let you see what you need to improve on because of the fact that Xampion is an insole tracker, and is also able to track how many times you touched the ball on which side of your foot, and at what speed you kicked it.

Become a better Sunday league player

Perhaps you aren’t using one of your feet enough, or don’t put enough power into your shots. Xampion insole trackers will easily make you see that.

That’s How to Become a Better Sunday League Player

A lot of the aspects of becoming a better Sunday League player are easy to apply right away. And when you do apply them, you will become a better Sunday league player. And that’s without a doubt.

And when you do, you might want to take things ever further than Sunday League. And for that, we recommend that you check out our blog!

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