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Xampion starts cooperation with kick technique specialised OrsaSport

Xampion in cooperation with Orsasport

Xampion is the perfect tool for making football training more diverse

Cooperation began when coaches at OrsaSport noticed the increasing need for more information and football performance data. When it comes to developing a certain skill, one must try to understand it as well as possible. That’s where Xampion comes in as it offers huge amounts of information of a football player’s technical performance. This makes Xampion the perfect tool for OrsaSport, as they are focused on helping players and coaches improve their kick techniques. Data helps coaches plan and observe training as well as players asses their own training and locating potential development areas.

”In our coaching we are always looking for the areas where a player needs to develop. Xampion helps us coaches, as we can use Xampion Coach as a support system for our observations”, says Eeva-Maria Saari from OrsaSport. ”Xampion gives a huge amount of data for football players and motivates them to keep training, as Xampion shows them their results in concrete numbers.”

”We tried out Xampion during our training sessions and through our players’ excellent experiences and the information I received as a coach, I wanted to start cooperation with Xampion. Based on my Xampion experience, I think it is an excellent addition to the everyday life of a football player”, Eeva-Maria adds.

Xampion yhteistyöhön OrsaSportin kanssa

Football tracking data helps and motivates both players and coaches

The entire Xampion team is excited about the collaboration as OrsaSport’s way of operating fits together with the essential benefits of the Xampion system.

“It’s great to get such a well-known and active football partner onboard our growing network. Especially since OrsaSport’s team is dedicated to helping players and coaches with kick techniques”, says CMO of Xampion, Sami Haltia. “What makes this collaboration special is the possibility to combine OrsaSport’s technique clinics and -camps with Xampion’s unique data. Improving a player’s technical skills is both a goal of OrsaSport and a key benefit for players of Xampion system.

Supporting the growth and development of the Finnish football scene is a core priority of both Xampion and OrsaSport. Collaboration is based on mutual values.

“We wanted to start collaborating with Xampion because our partners must provide products and services which suit our values”, says Eeva-Maria. ”We think that Xampion is an excellent tool for making football training more diverse. It also helps goal-oriented players track their training and games.”

Cooperation will be seen at OrsaSport’s camps and individual training where Xampion system will be utilized as a part of coaching. Players will have a chance to use Xampion’s data during the camps and also get the product for themselves through OrsaSport.

OrsaSport is a football company operating since 2005. Their focus is on coaching individuals with football technique clinics and camps in Finland and Spain. More than 1,300 players visit the camps each year from clubs all over the world. OrsaSport also organizes events in cooperation with football clubs, and organizes coach education sets for coaches to improve their understanding of kick technical training and improvement on players. OrsaSport also offers joint camps with the Catalan club Tecnifutbol, whose specialty is their own coaching method, Smartfootball.

Our entire Xampion team warmly welcomes OrsaSport to our growing community!

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Sami Haltia, CMO
Xampion / Progda Oy

Eeva-Maria Saari
OrsaSport Oy