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Find Your Football Superpower | What are your strengths?

Find your football superpower Football Motivation

Football is the World’s most popular sport in both number of players and clubs. A significant part of the popularity of football is because very different players can rise to the very top. One player could be technically skillful, while another one is fast, and the third one mentally strong. In modern football it is important to be good at one specific skill, as specialised skills will be in great demand in the future. In this blog we will help you find your football superpower.

Find Your Football Superpower

In every football situation it is important to acknowledge the football skills you already have, which skills you want to learn next, and how to develop your own game. The top players all have the same skills, and they play to their own strengths, which they have developed while practicing on their own. Players stand out for two reasons – they are good particularly in one football skill or some skill is missing. The situation is a bit contradictory. Therefore, a player should generally be good enough, but also need to have a special football skill. In many cases, a moderately skilled football player is a necessary part of the team, but not all players can be the same.

Find Your Football Superpower What are your strengths as a football player

When a junior football player is practicing their skills, it’s important for the player to develop a special football skill or their own football superpower. Individual strengths take a player forward, bring in more accomplishments, and help grow self-confidence and motivation. “I know I’m good! My very own football superpower makes me an important part of my team. I win in a one-on-one duel, I give significant passes, I am not ignored or I can give the game a much needed rhythm. I benefit my team because I have a football superpower.”

Find support in your team

No one player in a team can be the most skillful in every part of the game, and there is no need to be the best at everything. Teammates help make up for each other´s weaknesses, and together a team can be greater than the sum of their parts.

What should you do to get better at football and find your football superpower? The easy answer is that you need to develop them to a high enough level. What is enough is a different question depending on your level of play. The level of passing skill is slightly different in Pep Guardiola’s training than in the Finnish stadiums.

Therefore, you must build on your weaknesses so that you are a better player overall. It is difficult to develop a football superpower if you are weak in some area, so make all aspects of your game good enough. You should concentrate on strengthening your existing football skills to the level you can get the most advantage out of. A coach will have a hard time displacing a player who can pass with an accuracy of 90% most of the time. This percentage and guideline works on all levels as well as in different games. 90% is a strength and 80% is good. 50% passing accuracy should definitely be improved on.

How to identify and know your strengths as a football player?

In many cases, our strengths are the things that we love to work with, when we feel like we’re learning more and that we are making quick progress. You feel like you want work on your football superpower more and more. Team mates know your strengths as a soccer player, just ask them where you are good.

Your coach should be able to tell you what your strength is as a football player, and which are critical issues with your training. First and foremost, you’ll want to listen to yourself, because you’ll know what you’re good at and what type of training you need. When you are honest with yourself, you’ll find the motivation to exercise. Remember, usually your football superpower is the skill you put in most effort and spend the most time practicing.

Football Tracking Data helps you confirm your football superpower

Find Your Football Superpower What are your strengths as a football player

When you need confirmation of your strengths, superpowers and weaknesses as a football player, you can find help in the highly developed football technology. For example, Xampion tells you many things about your football skills: how many times you passed with your left inner foot or a right outer foot, how many sprints you made in your maximum level and if you moved during today’s workout more than yesterday.

Xampion gives you confirmation on your football superpowers and will surely give you a couple of surprises. Football tracking data is an important tool to help you develop your skills as a football player and play better. When used properly, data also motivates because it tells you about your progress. When your coach uses Xampion Coach, he can easily analyse your workout and provide training tips.

Football tracking data also proves your training effectiveness. When you have trained well, your data numbers have improved as well. This means you have evolved and you are now a better player! Set yourself a goal, train smart and track your progress. Recognize your strengths as a football player, play with your strengths and your dreams may come true!

Author Jukka Talja is UEFA -licensed football coach.

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