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Xampion and Respecta in cooperation | Top-level expertise for better foot comfort

Xampion and Respecta in cooperation

Progda Ltd, creator of Xampion®, has signed a cooperation agreement with the leading orthopedic aids manufacturer and marketer Respecta. Together Progda and Respecta are seeking to improve the Xampion system’s user experience by ensuring Xampion users the best possible comfort while using the system.

The first step in cooperation has been designing a new alternative model of the Xampion insole. A long term goal is to ensure the ability to design new insole models for specific needs also in the future and to provide individual solutions to those who need it.

The new Xampion Insole

Respecta’s physiotherapists and foot therapists specialized in foot prostheses and foot and leg biomechanics have helped Xampion to design a more fitting and discreet insole. The new model will serve especially those users who don’t need or want arch support from their football insoles and prefer a neutral feel.

The new insole model will be available for purchase from November 2018 at the Xampion online store. In the future these new, state-of-the-art insoles will be delivered to all customers who order the Xampion -sensors package. The new insole model will also be available for purchase separately for existing Xampion users. The original Xampion insoles will be sold separately for those users who prefer better arch support.

“Our mission is to help people maintain and improve their capabilities to perform physical activities. Co-operation with Xampion helps us fulfill our goals: we want to provide footballers with the best possible information of their movement and physical abilities through precise data collected during matches and practices. With this well-fitted and hardly noticeable insole, training and playing with sensors is very close to a normal gameplay feel, ” says Mr. Joni Priha (Respecta), who is in charge of the co-operation project.

The new insole model, designed in cooperation with experts from Respecta and Xampion, enables Xampion system users to have an undisturbed training experience. The Xampion system helps players to develop their skills and abilities, and it provides football coaches with a unique toolbox for tracking both technical and physical performance as well as tracking of players’ development.

“With our collaboration agreement, we can now fully focus on pushing Xampion forward ,”says Tero Suominen, CEO of Progda Ltd, the developer of Xampion products.

With Xampion’s automated solutions, both players and coaches can concentrate fully on players’ development. The cooperation agreement speeds up the expansion of the Xampion system to serve footballers around the world. The cooperation also supports plans to extend a licensing model to support other sports with tailor-made Xampion -solutions.


Respecta helps people to maintain their physical and functional ability and to live a quality and independent life by providing mobility aid solutions and services. Respecta is part of Ottobock Healthcare‘s global clinic and service network. Ottobock Group employs 7,600 people in more than 50 countries. The German family company’s turnover is about one billion euros.

“Our experts at Respecta’s stores and clinics also help with the challenges of sports injury and mobility restrictions. We offer a wide range of mobility aids such as footwear, orthotics, supporting insoles and rehabilitation equipment. “ Mr. Joni Priha.


The Xampion system helps football players to develop their skills by making soccer goal-oriented, motivating and more fun with unique performance data. Xampion also offers coaches a unique toolbox for tracking both technical and physical performance as well as tracking player development. Xampion helps footballers to train smarter and play better.

Xampion system has been developed by Progda Ltd.
Xampion service is currently delivered to the whole of EU.