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The Story of Team Xampion

Xampion Wearable Sports Tech for Future Champions

It all started one dark evening by the side of a football field somewhere in South-West Finland. A father was watching his son playing football with his team. The father started thinking how the most popular sport in the world has stayed pretty much the same since the beginning of the sport’s long history. While technology has touched pretty much everything during the past decade, football is still being played and trained just like it used to.

The father thought there must be a lot of things technology could do to improve the way players train and attempt to improve their skills. The father was Tero Suominen and after two years of intense product development he launched a wearable football analytics product to help every football player get better. Xampion was born.

Today, Xampion is a team of 3 full-time employees and 13 committed shareholders with a market ready product. The team comes from a versatile background and consists of entrepreneurs, tech experts and professional athletes, past and present. They all share a desire to create something that will change the way people think about training and developing themselves in the sports that they love. And now we have a product which we know can do this.

Meet the Team

Shareholders Experience:

The total number of football matches played in national teams is over 100.

Over 100 years of experience in solving mobile technology challenges.

Football played for: Ajax, Werder Bremen, KRC Genk, Red Bull Salzburg, Helsingborg IF, AZ Alkmaar, Portsmouth, Stabaek, Djurgården and AIK

Icehockey played for: Ottawa Senators, Jokerit, HV71 and Södertälje

Icehockey Head Coaching in SC Bern and HIFK

Honors: Dutch Championship, German Cup, 3x Belgian Championship, Belgian Cup, Ice Hockey World Championship, 2 Master’s Degree in Marketing and one Ph.D.

New Shareholders

Juha Reini

Juha Reini is well known to Finnish football fans. A short but strong seven-year career in the Finnish national team and 8 years of international experience from Belgian and Dutch leagues has made this man what he is today.

Juha has experience as a player, but also as a scout, agent and Sports Director and he possesses a great international network within current and former star players. Nowadays Juha is working in software solution sales. This combination of sports and tech makes Juha a member we can be proud of in the Xampion family.

Petri Pasanen

FC Lahti, Ajax Amsterdam, Portsmouth FC, Werder Bremen, Red Bull Salzburg…

Petri Pasanen, one of the best defenders and smartest television analysts Finnish football and its fans have ever seen has become a proud partner for Xampion product family. Petri has always been interested in sports technology, sports-related data and the possibilities it gives to the development of players.

Not to forget the sports fan behind the television, who wants to know everything what happens on the pitch.

Jere Uronen

Jere Uronen, a great talent from the famous youth developer FC TPS and a trusted left footed star in the making at KRC Genk. A regular in Huuhkajat, national team of Finland.

As a club, KRC Genk has one of the most advanced youth programs in Europe and Jere is used to being tested for new improved technologies. And Jere’s opinion is that Xampion can bring a real improvement in to that tech basket KRC already has. “Technology can help me to improve my game”. That’s why Jere is proud to member of the Xampion family.

Jesper Jansson

Jesper Jansson. One of the toughest sports directors Swedish football has at the moment. His professional career took off from Växjö and continued through Belgium, Norway and Denmark back to Sweden and Hammarby.

Hammarby IF is one of the greatest football clubs in Sweden with great history and a bright future. Jesper knows football as a player, scout, agent and as a director so the experience and his network in the football family around the world is massive. And that network is something Jesper wants to share with the Xampions family.

Antti Törmänen

Antti Törmänen, so far, the only World Champion of Xampion partners. In icehockey, that is. Antti has a proven track record as a successful player and he is a member of the legendary Finnish World Champion team of 1995. His career as a trainer has already brought him a championship in Switzerland with SC Bern and a silver in the Finnish league with HIFK.

Antti has a bright and open mind also outside the rink and has educated himself during and after his playing career. Antti will be a great asset to Xampion on our journey to world domination.

Welcome to join the story of Xampion!