Xampion Original Insoles


Xampion Original Insoles are high-quality sports insoles and are designed to fit most football boots. Xampion Original Insoles provide notable support for the arch area of your foot and suits players with a high arch or need arch support.

For players with a low or regular arch, we recommend the new Xampion Slim Insoles.

Xampion insoles are available in two sizes: M (EU 39–43) and L (EU 43–47). The insoles can be cut with scissors to the perfect size and fit best by using you original insoles for measurement.



Xampion Insoles have a designated slot for Xampion Sensors. If your old Xampion Insoles are worn out, you’ve bought new boots or your foot has grown, order new Xampion Insoles here to use with your existing Xampion Sensors.

Shoe sizes:

Size M: EU 37–43 | UK: 4–9 | 22,5–27,5 cm

Size L: EU: 43–47 | UK: 9–12 | 27,5–30,5 cm

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 3 cm

Medium size EU 39-43, Large size EU 43-47