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Xampion Coach

A versatile platform for ambitious football coaches wanting to bring out the best in their team.

Plans & Pricing

Ready to challenge yourself? Set yourself up for greatness and check out the list features of Xampion App and Xampion PLUS.

Xampion App

Xampion App is an essential part of the Xampion system and shows you all the things you did on the pitch after the play session is over.

It's super easy to use

You’ll never need to touch your smartphone while you’re playing. Xampion sensors power up from motion automatically and start recording your play data to their built-in memory. Once you’re done playing the data will synchronize automatically as you open the Xampion App.

You can even play and record several sessions in a row and transfer all the data at once. Xampion App will create a new event into your session calendar for each session you have played.

Detailed ball handling data

The Xampion System provides unparalleled data about your play. After each session Xampion App will tell you exactly:

✓ How many times you touched the ball
✓ With which part of your foot you touched the ball
✓ How many times you controlled the ball, passed it,
touched it while dribbling or struck the ball with power
✓ The speed of each strike
✓ All this from both of your feet
✓ How many ball contacts you had per each 10 minutes during the session

Precise movement data

Xampion knows all about your movement and activity during your sessions. Xampion App provides all this information:

✓ Total distance covered
✓ Distance covered per each 10 minutes during a session
✓ Time spent in personal high-tempo area
✓ High tempo seconds per each 10 minutes during a session
✓ Time spent in different high tempo areas
✓ Percentage of time sprent in high, mid and low tempo areas
✓ Personal tempo and running speed minute by minute
✓ Top sprint speed and number of high-tempo sprints

Xampion App is free and available for iOS and Android devices. Download the app and check out demo profiles!

System requirements: Android 5.0 or newer
iPhone 5 or newer & iOS 10 or newer
BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth)

Train smarter!

Xampion data gives you fantastic insights on your game and what aspects to work on. By knowing your strengths you will be more motivated, train smarter and become the best player you can possibly be!

Features, Plans & Pricing

Xampion App for players is available free of charge to all players who have purchased the Xampion system and provides all the essential Xampion metrics from your play.
Xampion PLUS app provides even more advanced features and allows players to be connected to their team members, Xampion Friends and their coach though the Xampion Coach platform. Xampion PLUS will be available during Autumn 2018.



Session calendar

Session listing

Summary for all sessions

Summary for individual sessions

Built-in user assistance

Session type indicator

User assistance videos

Xampion Skill Card - personal summary for all sessions

Edit your session

Connectivity with Xampion Coach Platform

Personal training suggestions based on your data






3,99 € / month

Coming soon!



Total ball touches during session and contact type - left and right foot

Shots/powerful kicks - left and right foot

Number of passes - left and right foot

Ball controls - left and right foot

Maximum kick speed - left and right foot

Timeline for ball touches per 10 minutes during session

Contact point (inside foot, outside foot, tip) left and right foot

Comparing data within team and friend network

Comparing data within age group globally

Comparing data within all Xampion players globally






3,99 € / month

Coming soon!



Tempo timeline view

Seconds in high tempo, percentage of time in different tempo areas

Timeline graph: personal tempo, sprint speed, right/left kick, kick speed

Xampion value (overall skill points received in a session

Distance covered during session

Number of sprints

Maximun sprint speed

Timeline for distance covered per 10 minutes during session

Timeline for time spent in high tempo per 10 minutes during session

Time spent in precise high-tempo areas during session

Comparing data within team and friend network

Comparing data within age group

Comparing data within all Xampion players






3,99 € / month

Coming soon!




Share your session summary in social media

Xampion Friends feature

Share your results with friends in Xampion App

Access to Xampion Coach Platform

Possibility to allow your data available to Xampion Scout Platform





3,99 € / month

Coming soon!

Xampion Coach Platform (Coming soon!)

Xampion Coach Platform is the perfect tool for gathering valuable information from the team and every individual player to help the coach make better decisions.

Xampion Coach helps the trainer know if the training produced the desired outcome. Using this knowledge, you will be able to plan better drills and training sessions and increase the overall quality of training. You will know exactly how to help your players focus on the right things in training and how to help them become better players. This is your chance to take your coaching to the next level.

✓ Compare players’ physical and technical performance in a single training or game session
✓ Compare players’ performance metrics between two or more sessions
✓ See players’ development over time
✓ Set more precise physical and technical training goals and see how your players perform
✓ Develop your own coaching skills and knowledge

Xampion Coach Platform Features

Xampion Coach platform is a tool for teams and maximum benefit from the system can be reached when all team members use Xampion sensors continuously. Xampion Coach is available to all teams with a minimum amount of 6 players using the Xampion system and the Xampion PLUS app.

Dashboard overview
✓ Current and new record performances
✓ Latest sessions, total distance covered, total ball contacts

✓ Compare player statistics in single session: Distance, high tempo seconds, sprints, left, right and total strikes
✓ Compare metrics between players and sessions
✓ Compare single player metrics in several sessions
✓ View performance metrics in graphs and tables

Team management
✓ Add and manage players
✓ Manage team information

Session calendar
✓ Add and edit sessions

Want to join our pilot team?

Xampion Coach platform is currently in its pilot phase and we are testing and finalizing the software in cooperation with several pilot teams.

Xampion Coach platform will be available to all clubs and teams using the Xampion system during Autumn 2018.
If you are interested in joining the pilot teams, please contact us at sales@xampion.com!

Xampion Coach Platform

Xampion PLUS and Xampion Coach platform will launch in Autumn 2018.
Stay tuned!